Saturday, 28 November 2009


So I woke up feeling sick. The Filipina Mom barges in and starts venting about something I barely care about and vaguely remember. The pillow over my head seems to be utterly useless at this point, and I manage to get 10 minutes more sleep, when I then feel my throat and I don't even want to get out of bed.

Funny it's not even a short story.

I roll out of bed and hit the floor with both my feet, in a manner I always do to get my lazy bum out of its abode. I seriously hate sleeping cause it's boring but once you get me started its a vice. So the sudden horizontal fetal position to vertical rise gets me out of bed, and of course Mom is still bickering away.

Hit the bathroom, whilst simultaneously flipping the laptop open. Check my sites, check my mail.

Mom still continues bickering, whilst I send a reply to Shereen who's had me worried sick.

Monique keeps me company while I reply to everything that went on while I was asleep.


Back online - interrupted by the family in Philippines - Mom's using my laptop then.

Back online ...again.

Turns out she's not dead hahaha. So that's all bliss.

I accidentally drink out of a rusty can of juice, and I wonder if I'm going to get tetanus.

It's 8.51Pm.

I'm not feeling well.

and I'm Dead BORED.

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